Coffey Anderson’s New EP – Come On With It – Available Now

Coffey Anderson’s New EP – Come On With It – Available Now

Coffey Anderson‘s new 8-track EP, Come On With It, is available now.

This is Coffey’s first collection of music since his 2019 album, Go Country.

Talking about the title track of his new project, Anderson says , “‘Come On With It’ is me 100%. I want a singalong, I tell anyone, ‘If you want to hear a Coffey song, think of the male Shania’ — we’re talking about big fiddles, big guitars, loud drums — stadium country. We need to celebrate together, and ‘Come On With It’ is the perfect opportunity to do so.”

Come On With It features 8-tracks with songs written by Jon Pardi, Hillary Lindsey, Tyler Hubbard and Dillon Carmichael.

Come On With It Track Listing:

  1. “Come On With It” (Jon Pardi, Brice Long, Bart Butler)
  2. “Good To You” (Seth Ennis, Will Weatherly, John Pierce)
  3. “Blessed” (Sean Squires, Stephen Hunley, Bobby McLamb)
  4. “America Is My Hometown” (Coffey Anderson, Phil O’Donnell, Monty Criswall)
  5. “Drive On Back” (Tyler Hubbard, Hillary Lindsey, David Garcia)
  6. “She Ain’t No Chevy” (Rob Crosby, Dave Fenley, Jason Nix)
  7. “Ain’t As Lonely” Feat. Dillon Carmichael (Dillon Carmichael, Jim Beavers, Matt Rogers)
  8. “Friday Night” (Coffey Anderson, Jordan Omley, Michael Mani)

Dillon Carmichael is even featured on the track he co-wrote…

During the filming of the vide for his song “Blessed” – Coffey Anderson took things to a new level.

Coffey Anderson’s EP Come On With It is available now…for more info head to his WEBSITE

Photo Courtesy of Coffey Anderson