Zac Brown Band Docks “Same Boat” in the Number-One Spot

Zac Brown Band Docks “Same Boat” in the Number-One Spot

Congrats to Zac Brown Band as their hit “Same Boat” is the number-one song on the country music airplay chart this week.

“Same Boat” is the first single from Zac Brown Band’s latest album The Comeback.

Zac Brown talks about the track, “The song means a lot to me because I’ve been hearing about how divided that we are, and everyone is…and I’d like for everyone to be reminded that we’re all the same. That human condition is something we all share together.”

Zac says that “Same Boat” and the other 14-tracks on The Comeback were a result of a renewed creative spirit that developed over the last year and half, “After having some time off, you know, I wanted to just like walk toward my guitar when I was at home and I wanted to create again and I wanted to feel like- I feel like just in general just as a human being I feel like I’m rejuvenated and in every way you know I’m able to be really creatively present I had a lot of stuff going on I think just now just being at a new point where everything is good and positive and my kids are awesome everything is solid and I feel that way too I feel more solid and I feel more creatively present than- than I have in a really long time.”

Check out the music video for Zac Brown Band’s number-one song, “Same Boat.”

Photo Courtesy of Zac Brown Band