Watch the Teaser to Lauren Alaina’s New Movie, “Road Less Traveled”

Watch the Teaser to Lauren Alaina’s New Movie, “Road Less Traveled”

Lauren Alaina is coming to a digital retailer near you.

Lauren stars as Charlotte in the new movie Road Less Traveled, which will hit digital retailers on June 6. The rom-com follows Charlotte’s journey from California to her Tennessee hometown, where she runs into her old high school flame.

“I play Charlotte, and Charlotte is a 25-year-old, like mid-20s, songwriter that lives in Los Angeles,” says Lauren to NCD. “She’s getting married. It is this whole story about her journey to getting married, and she can’t find a dress. It’s just a bunch of getting married drama. I really had so much fun. It’s a lighthearted movie. It’s a romantic comedy. It’s the kind of movie that when you’re home in your pajamas, and you want to be comfy, it’s that kind of movie that you watch that makes you feel good. I love being home in my pajamas and feeling good, so I’m excited to share it with my fans. It’s a whole new side of me that no one’s ever seen.”

In addition to her No. 1 hit, “Road Less Traveled,” the movie features songs from Lauren’s current album, including “My Kinda People,” “Queen of Hearts,” “Painting Pillows,” “Holding the Other” and current single, “Doin’ Fine.”

Watch the teaser to Road Less Traveled below.