Julie Rey Wylde

Not so long ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Nope, not really.

I was born in, and have lived in Wisconsin my entire life – except for the 6 months that I lived in Pawtucket, Rhode Island (but we won’t get into that).

I love the cold weather. It helps support my secret theory to looking younger than I really am. Living in a cold region is like being preserved in a freezer or cold locker. Then, add that to the infamous reputation of a Wisconsinite’s alcohol consumption which I theoretically consider a pickling agent. Voila! Julie’s Fountain of Youth revealed!

I am always on the search for a yummy Old Fashioned and a great Friday Fish Fry (beer battered perch is my favorite). I also love a great bar burger and cheese curds, especially from the small town bars. I enjoy chatting with the locals while sipping a tapper set on a crocheted coaster. I have found that small town Wisconsin residents are extremely friendly and have some of the best stories!

I am definitely a Wisconsin girl, because you can’t get any more Wisconsin than that!

In my spare time. Wait. Spare time? In my life, that is the same thing as having leftover wine. There is no such thing!

But seriously, my hobbies include creating new cheesecake flavors (I am completely prepared for a throw down when the time comes); baking cookies; photography; attending concerts, festivals, monster truck shows, and comedy shows; singing karaoke (you can catch me belting out some Blondie, Joan Jett, ABBA, and Meatloaf to name a few); meet and take photos with music artists and comedians (so far I have met TJ Miller, Jo Koy, Davy Jones of The Monkees, and Bret Michaels among several others).

A few of my secret indulgences include ice cream (because ice cream makes everything better); watching Professional Bull Riding on TV late at night; and playing Scrabble.

Sometimes I am able to sit still long enough to watch Dancing With the Stars, RuPaul’s Drag Race, OITNB, Seinfeld, and Golden Girls, or one of my favorite movies which are Sweet Home Alabama, Walk the Line, The Wedding Singer, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and the Star Wars Trilogy (my favorite character is R2-D2 because he is constantly saving everyone’s butt).

My taste in music spans many genres from old school 80’s hairband rock to disco to classical music. I love the magic of music and how a certain song can take you to a time and place of memories. Some are the most wonderful memories and some are heartbreaking. One of my favorite quotes is from Hans Christian Anderson, “Where words fail, music speaks”. There is so much truth in those 5 words.

If I am engaged in a conversation with you and either of us says something close to a line from a movie or lyric from a song that I know, you better believe that I will finish the movie quote or break out into a little ditty of the song.

I have a hidden talent of speaking with foreign accents. A couple ex-boyfriends have referred to my special gift as having multiple personalities but I strongly disagree. Depending on my mood, I am able to choose from a British, Southern or Hillbilly, Brooklyn, Russian, or Australian accent. I recall one conversation in particular, I was speaking with 2 band members who were actually from across the pond and had a very strong British accent. As I was speaking and indulging in a pint or two with them, my British accent came out and I couldn’t stop it from oozing out of my mouth. We had quite a conversation and I was commended on my ability to adapt to their language.

Poor judgement finds all of us at one time or another. I have a bad tattoo of Marilyn Monroe that I tell people resembles Roseanne more than Marilyn. I guess that’s what you get when dating a State Trooper and he asks if you would like a tattoo because an ex-con owed him a favor and had just recently gotten out of prison.

Very few are aware that I am a former arm wrestler in possession of 5 trophies. The first time I wrestled, I was so nervous and ended up injuring my opponent. Needless to say, I placed 1st that night. Later that year, I placed 3rd at Semi-Nationals which qualified me to compete at Nationals where I placed 5th. The following year I qualified for Nationals once again but was forced into an early retirement due to a severe hand injury unrelated to my arm wrestling career.

I love my job and hope you can hear it in my voice over the airwaves. If it encourages you to tune in again, then I know I chose the right career path to pursue.

Thanks for listening!

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