The attempt at the world record for the longest beverage flight in Kaukauna used old-fashioned cocktails

KAUKAUNA, WI (WFRV) – Local 5 News was the only TV station at “313 Dodge” in Kaukauna this past Saturday to witness the attempt to set the world record for the longest old-fashioned cocktail flight.

This tavern is known for its old-fashioned flights, but this is the first attempt to assemble a Wisconsin, brandy old-fashioned cocktail with all Wisconsin products, including the 24-foot-long hand-made wooden flight.

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It has more than 100 glasses connected and carried out onto the patio for serving.

This was organized by the founder of the marketing platform website called “Venture Wisconsin.”

He will now submit the footage to the Guinness Book of World Records for consideration.

Local 5’s Michele McCormack was also there and can personally attest to them hand-muddling each cocktail and carrying out together to be served without spilling a drop of brandy.

“There’s no known category for the world’s largest beverage flight,” explained organizer Evan Freimuth. “We went to page 300 of Google, couldn’t find anything.”

He says they decided to set the standard and parameters, which includes taking a group photo with witnesses.

He said he and his friend Kyle Megna came up with the idea over some bourbon cocktails last summer. Although Megna admits, he never thought they’d do it.

Now he feels a sense of accomplishment.

“I think we did something great for the world today,” Megna said with some laughter. “It sounds weird saying that but for Wisconsin, celebrating our most sought-after drink, it’s just fun to bring people together.”

Among the many faces in the crowd were the southeast Wisconsin facebookers who call themselves the “supper club chasers.”

Last April they started a journey to visit supper clubs all across Wisconsin.

They were in Appleton over the weekend to visit number 141!!

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They helped Evan gather a list of places that are part of the old-fashioned passport where users can mark their visits and get in on discounts and freebies.”

“It’s really fun. This whole thing that Evan came up with,” explained Michelle. “We see a lot of flights at supper clubs of course there are maybe three or four. This is kind of on a bigger scale.

Local 5 News will keep you posted on if and how the Guinness Book of World Records responds.

And of course, keep tabs on those supper club chasers in their quest to celebrate a true taste of our state that’s always positively Wisconsin.