Green Bay Mayor and the Packers host Kansas City Mayor to discuss further preparations for the 2025 NFL Draft.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Mayor Genrich brought Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and his team over the weekend amid the Packers match-up against the Chiefs to meet with Green Bay community leaders about how to best prepare for the 2025 Draft after their experience as the host city for the 2023 Draft.

“It was actually a fairly positive experience throughout whether it was security discussions, pure kind of fan festival type ideas,” said Mayor Lucas. “It was something where I think everyone worked collaboratively.”

Mayor Lucas advised Mayor Genrich to not only focus on the Draft itself but also on the long-term effect of being the host city for so many fans. He says the economic impact that comes with hosting the Draft will be monumental.

“The NFL Draft isn’t a one-off and that’s one thing that I’ve shared a lot with the mayor, that this is really just one of a number of great things that can come to this region thereafter and let people see the excitement of Green Bay Packers football,” said Mayor Lucas. “But you also have a chance to see the dynamism in the community, the outstanding business environment, and frankly the many reasons why someone should come here for a visit.”

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said the work truly began from the moment his city was awarded the Draft and Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich said the same and feels the city of Green Bay is very well prepared for it. Mayor Genrich said a key takeaway from his meeting with the Kansas City Mayor was communicating with city partners and the surrounding areas.

“You know the eyes of the world to some extent are going to be on this community, not just for a day or two but really for a week and so we need to be really well aligned between discover Green Bay, the city of Green Bay, and counties across the state of Wisconsin to recognize and be well prepared for this opportunity,” said Mayor Genrich.

“I think having meetings like this now shows that Green Bay will be more than ready by the time it comes around but this is the sort of thing that you’re building up bit by bit from the moment you’re awarded,” explained Mayor Lucas. “But when it all works together you really get to see your community at its best.”

Mayor Lucas added that he is looking forward to the success of the 2025 draft and “is a fan of the Green Bay Draft.”