‘Frozen Tundra Man’ talks about his epic meeting with Simone Biles

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Local legend the ‘Frozen Tundra Man’ had an epic meetup with gymnastics legend Simone Biles at Lambeau Field on Sunday night.

Local Five News spoke with ‘Frozen Tundra Man’ on Monday evening. His name is Jeff Kahlow and he lives in Fond du Lac.

“I knew when she (Simone Biles) was smiling looking at me that this was going to go good, I just had that feeling,” said Kahlow.

Kahlow has been going to games at Lambeau Field as ‘Frozen Tundra Man’ for 22 years. He’s a longtime artist who makes creative headgear for people out of foam. He recalled how the ‘Frozen Tundra Man’ idea actually started when he made some foam headgear for his brother-in-law so that he could try to get Tiger Woods’s attention at a golf tournament at Whistling Straits.

He said that CBS Sports got in contact with him and invited him to do an interview at Lambeau about his art. He wanted to make a great impression so he wore some foam headgear (his iconic replica of Lambeau Field) and it was a hit.

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He said when he attends games at Lambeau Field he gets swarmed by fans in the parking lots asking for pictures. He said he loves interacting with fellow Packer fans.

“Who knew that a piece of foam on your head would get this much attention,” said Kahlow. “The fans are actually what drives me to do this year after year.”

Kahlow said he uses Vaseline, hot glue, a piece of glass, and snow crystals on his face and beard to get the signature icicle effect of his game-day look. He said washing all of it off his face after the game involves using scissors and can be quite painful. He said it’s about a two-hour process to take all of it off.

Fast forward to this season and Kahlow said he found out from a security guard that Simone Biles wanted to meet him. He wanted to make the moment special so he got busy making some foam headgear for her.

He made a foam GOAT (greatest of all time) hat complete with gold medals and the Olympic rings for Biles. He also made headgear for her husband Packers safety Jonathan Owens which was a miniature version of him.

“She came up and she was smiles ear to ear and she reached up and shook my hand,” Kahlow said. “I surprised her, she had no idea that I was giving her hats.”

After giving Biles the hats, Kahlow asked Biles if she could sign a picture for two girls who he and his wife babysit. Biles signed the picture.

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“It’s a gift for a gift, you can’t just do that (meet her without giving her anything) and expect anything,” said Kahlow. “You’re taking a chance, I didn’t know if she was actually going to come and meet me.”

A representative for Simone Biles told Local Five News that the gymnast loved getting these custom gifts and that she truly loves all the support of the Packers fans.

Kahlow has been creating custom foam headgear for 28 years via his business called ‘Big Guy Hats.’ He said after the games he stays around the Lambeau area for hours taking pictures with fans.