Real Men Wear Pink

NASH FM 99.5 and the American Cancer Society are teaming up to help men become more involved in the fight against breast cancer with Real Men Wear Pink — and I’m really honored to have been asked to take part.

One of the first questions that candidates get asked is, “Why do you wear pink?”  That’s a very simple answer for me: I wear pink in honor of my wife Heather, who passed away almost three years ago from metastatic breast cancer.  But while my connection to breast cancer is very personal, I am not the only man in such a situation.  That’s why men from different walks of life from all over NEW are wearing pink these days.  I’d like to ask for your help.  Click here to learn more about Real Men Wear Pink, and also find out more about my wife’s story.  And then, if you feel so moved, I’d really appreciate it if you’d be generous enough to make a donation to help the ACS in their work to find a cure for breast cancer.

-brian @ nash